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Holly Hoffman - Feel Good MummaThis blog is dedicated to mothers with young children who would like to experience greater happiness and more moments of joy in their lives. I truly believe that Mums are the heart of their families and when Mumma is thriving, the family thrives. For me, that notion is both terrifying and exciting!

My goal as a Mother is to raise children who feel loved and who know what nourishes them and makes them happy. I want my children to grow into adults who are kind, loving, compassionate and resilient in the face of difficulty.

In order to achieve my goal, I realise I need to become a living, walking, breathing embodiment of self-actualisation, self-love and acceptance… and man that is so hard some days!

I want to share my journey with you and the lessons I learn along the way with brutal honestly and candor and hopefully a few hearty belly laughs thrown in for good measure. If I can reach out and inspire even one Mum to make a positive difference in her world, then I will be stoked!

Thank you for visiting Feel Good Mumma – I hope you join me on this amazing journey toward self-discovery, harmony and domestic creativity.

More about me…

I am a 36 year-old stay-at-home Mother of two, Mr. 6 and Miss 4. I have been married to my right-hand-man, Dan, for 13 years. Along with our 21 chickens we live on two rural acres on The Sunshine Coast (north of Brisbane), Australia. When I’m not running around after my kids I enjoying baking cakes, going to the gym, reading, frolicking on the beach and listening to TED talks.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a Mum. Luckily for me I married a man who shares my family values and who was as excited about becoming a Dad as I was about becoming a Mum. My initial experiences of Motherhood were pretty blissful but after the birth of my second child I was diagnosed with severe Post-Natal Depression and it was a long and arduous 2-year battle to return to my usual happy, optimistic, fun-loving and capable self. From this experience I emerged battle scared and a little jaded, but also wiser, more compassionate and with a fervent desire to never go back to that debilitating, scary, dark place again.

Pru'e Painting
Painting by Prue Cooper-White

I’m not a psychologist, a happiness expert or a professional writer, but a Mum who believes we all deserve to lead a life filled with abundant love, laughter and happiness. Sure I have challenging days where I want to strangle my kids or go and hide under the covers or run for the hills, but don’t we all?

In what feels like a previous life I was a High School Teacher and then a Personal Trainer, based in London (this was really just an excuse to explore Europe!). I have always enjoyed working with people and helping them see the gifts and potential within them. It is these collective experiences that I draw on in this blog.

As you get to know me you will come to see my great passions in life – family, food, health, travel and… seeking happiness. I hope you feel inspired to join me on this journey.

Many Blessings, Holly

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  1. Yay I’m so looking forward to following this blog and sharing with you honey. What a great start – it looks and sounds fantastic. Love you xxx

  2. Awesome, Miss Holly. I look forward to being part of your journey for boy do I need some inspiration in this life that is far from simple and blissful but manic, too busy and not filled with enough quality time with my beautiful, bright and very funny Miss 7 xx

  3. So excited darling friend Holly! I will follow your post with great excitement. What a wonderful idea, what a wonderful mum/wife/woman/friend you are. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your journey with us. Much love, always Nina xox

  4. I was a stay at home mum for the first 15 years & loved it! My partner & I have 2 beautiful daughters who have grown into impressive young women who both have found a direction professionally that follows their passions, are wonderfully supportive to me & my partner & each have wonderful partners themselves. But the journey was definitely not without many highs & lows, struggle within myself in the teenage parenting years & learning to go & set them free. Support them to be who they need to be to be truly happy. That means listening out for hints along the way that they are constantly throwing out there. My 2nd daughter was 5 yrs old before I realised she had to have a dog & loves dogs with a deep passion. The female energy is all about the creative force & nuturing & nourishing the soul. You can be creative every day as a mother. I found that deeply satisfying. Good luck Holly! Enjoy!!!!!

    1. What a wonderful testimony! You must feel so proud to have raised 2 incredible women. What an achievement. Thank you for sharing that the path was not always rosy. I love your advice about listening to your children and supporting what they need to be happy. It is always precious to receive words of wisdom from another Mumma who has ‘been there, done that.’ Your girls are lucky to have you 🙂

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