Accepting Your Body – Pregnant Or Not

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I was at the gym the other day when I noticed 3 distinct types of women’s bodies that were very age specific; the young 20-somethings with their tight, flawless skin, perky breasts and flat stomachs (did I ever really look like THAT?). The women in their 30’s – either stretched and pregnant (like me!) or trying to reign in the post-child-bearing lumps and bumps. Then there were the next generation of women in their 40’s, who with pregnancy and young children exhaustion behind them, had re-found their mo-jo and with time, money (they all seem to have personal trainers) and energy have re-claimed their bodies and have found suprising new levels of strength and fitness and who look bloody brilliant! (Please God let this be me in another few years!)


At the ripe old age of 37 and well into the second trimester of my third pregnancy, my body is a little out of control and I am doing my best to surrender to the journey. I am attempting to muster as much acceptance of my ever-changing body as I can, but man it’s an uphill battle some days.



Let me paint you a picture: I was always a pretty average size 12 kinda girl. Pear shape. Small boobs, big butt and thighs, you know the one. It was okay! The other day I went and bought both bra and undies in a maternity size 16 so my ever-expanding breasts, butt and stomach could be housed in comfort. I admit – it was a little confronting!


My first pregnancy was so different. I was still cycling around London working as a Personal Trainer when I was 6 months pregnant. My stomach was flat until I was 4 months pregnant… I fit into my regular clothes up until the last few months. I was still fit and toned. This time round I am soft and dimply all over!


A dear old family friend said to me the other day something along the lines of; ‘Oh, look at that belly! Do you think you are going to last another 3 months? It looks as if you could drop that baby any day now. Are you sure you are not having twins?’ I did my best to smile and laugh but I am sure the grimace through clenched teeth and the fire in my eyes told another story. Bless her…


Pregnant art

The funny thing is, I think pregnant women are incredibly beautiful, no matter what their size. So why is it any different for myself? Why do I think every other pregnant Mumma is a glowing goddess whilst I am a waddling whale?

Okay, let’s look at the upside here. For the first time in my life I am indulging in every dietary whim and desire. I have enjoyed a Magnum ice cream for dessert for the last 3 nights in a row. I regularly eat hot chips or pasta. I have butter about an inch thick on my toast. And after being a generous A-cup for the last couple of years, my husband thinks my breasts are both ‘massive’ and ‘wonderful’. (Pity they are so sensitive he can only admire them from a distance!) I am really enjoying eating whatever the heck I feel like eating instead of counting calories and only doing gentle yoga and only when I feel like it, as opposed to smashing myself at the gym 3-4 times a week.


Honestly, I am trying to embrace my curvalicious pregnant body. It’s refreshing to let go and just be. Sure it means investing in a whole new wardrobe and sometimes being disgusted by the figure reflected back at me in the mirror, but hey, you only live once. Maybe I will find my inner Michelle Bridges in my 40’s and be in the best shape of my life. Now, what do I feel like for lunch?


12 thoughts on “Accepting Your Body – Pregnant Or Not

  1. Love your body, tell it so. When you feel beautiful you are beautiful. Our perspective of ourself changes from day to day… Know that you are bringing a new and wonderful person into the world and be joyful. Gratitude in all things. Never doubt that you are amazing and wondrous in this shape, big and bountiful, full of life . Although I know that pregnancy is a challenge, a challenge to rise above the physical aspects. Discomfort is a huge part of it. Just be positive. Focus on the positive. <3 and so many heartfelt blessings and congratulations to you.

    1. Naomi – thank you so much for that beautiful message. You are absolutely right wise woman. I shall attempt to rise above the discomfort with gratitude and grace 🙂 x

  2. Holly my love you have always been beautiful both inside and out! For the record this 40 something woman doesn’t have a personal trainer – or go to the gym except to go on the treadmill- but I am happier with my body than I ever was in my 20/30’s. Reason? I think so my daughter can see I’m happy with who I am, so she too can be – and she is! Ahhhh woman – we are complex and interesting people. And our bodies… Well how amazing are they to be able to do what they do! xx

    1. Thanks Amanda. Thanks so much for sharing – that is very encouraging to read. You have every right to be happy with your body because you look JOLLY FABULOUS! And yes, being a good role model for our girls is incredibly important. We are complex beings aren’t we… xx

  3. How – good post, as there is so so much both hidden and revealed within! We see- saw our way through life it seems challenged with our body image then giving up… or is it accepting our bodies? It appears (for me) the reward of giving ‘life’ was to lose myself, my body (not that it was awesome even back then) and my dreams, but is the result even comparable with what I received in not only the 4 miracle children my body birthed but the love of these now extended families?
    I think innately we all want to be beautiful and in reality we all are….sadly society through media paints an unreal picture of what we think our beauty should be so we continue to push our beauty barrow up an Everest hill hoping one day to ‘get there’.
    You are an awesome picture of health, a beautiful descendant of greek heritage… live your life to the fullest embracing all it throws at you with gusto… if only I knew then what I know now- so many stressful hours spent not feeling ‘up to scratch’ in the appearance department would never have occurred.
    Love you and can’t wait to meet (and get my arms wrapped around) this little babe nurtured and kept by his blessed mumma. xx

    1. Oh thank you Fran. How beautiful to read. The media certainly does make it challenging to feel good about our bodies when we are bombarded with waif like figures being the ‘ideal’ and considered ‘beautiful.’ There is absolutely beauty in each woman regardless of their physical appearance and our role of bringing new life into the world is both a sacrifice and a blessed privilege. I think you are incredibly beautiful and are incredibly grateful for the 4 lives you bought into this world… 1 in particular 😉 xx

  4. Holly
    You’ve been blessed with a beautiful body, pregnant or not.
    It’s taken me a lifetime to love mine, even now when I’m sagging and bagging with age – but what the heck. The body is just a vessel for the soul. Keep it healthy – that’s the most important thing. It has to last a lifetime.
    Love Mumma Tina

    1. Thanks Mumma, you are right that health needs to be the ultimate goal for our bodies. And for the record I think you have been blessed with a beautiful body, ageing or not 🙂 x

    2. Thanks Mumma, you are right that health needs to be the ultimate goal for our bodies. And for the record I think you have been blessed with a beautiful body, ageing or not x

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